Gracepoint exists to bring HOPE to a broken world, to provide strength to CHANGE our present and future,  and to teach us how to LIVE life to the full, all through Jesus Christ.

Gracepoint is here to make a difference.

Our Ministry Efforts

BK Ministry is an outreach to the homeless in Fayetteville.  Several years ago we found that one of the most comon place for the homeless in Fayetteville to gather was at the Burger King on MLK.  When we relocated we wante dto continue our relationship with our family who were also homeless.  Some of our leaders have committed to bringing the gospel, providing meals and offering transportation to worship at our location.  If you would like to join us come on and join us at 9 a.m. at Burger King on MLK or at the Burger King/Pilot station on 412 in Springdale.

Project Teacher NWA is an outreach that began in the summer of 2015.  This outreach provides school supplies to teachers so they can make an impact on their students.  We are blessed with the opportunity to share with these teachers, to pray with them and simply to let them know that we are here if they have any spiritual questions or needs.  We can’t wait to see what God does with this ministry.

Springdale Jail is an outreach on Thursday nights to the local jail.  Every Thursday night we go in and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with men who are in the midst of a difficult stage of their life.  We offer hope and a tangible relationship partnered with some guidance.

Service Sunday is another another outreach we do from time to time where we briefly meet for worship then disburse in groups to various locations to provide food, snacks, water, etc to people in the park, bike trails, laundry mats, extended stay motels, etc. We use this time to meet new people, spread the word of Jesus and give a little something to show we care.

Our Ministry Leaders

Mike Felder
Mike FelderPastor
I am passionate about Jesus but not as passionate as I want to be. I love sports and the lessons provided through participation. I have an amazing wife named Susan and two great kids. We spend most of our free time trying to help them understand what it means to be men of character and faithful stewards of what Christ has entrusted them with. We spend a lot of time on the baseball field or in the gym playing ball. It is a great honor to call Gracepoint HOME and love the diverse community that calls this place home too.
Brent Barrowcliff
Brent BarrowcliffPastor
Brent is a guy that loves Jesus and loves people. He can sit and listen for hours but also can get fired up when people aren’t willing to own up to their own shortcomings. Did I mention he is willing to share his? Brent came on staff early in the life of Gracepoint. He loves Gracepoint but will tell you right away that Gracepoint isn’t what we are about, it’s about Jesus man! You oughta get to know him.
Amy Scherz
Amy ScherzKidzPoint Leader
On the surface Amy is all about details and excellence. Providing order is paramount to how Amy addresses the challenges of each day. The heart behind that order though is the really important reason Amy is our Kidzpoint leader. She wants every moment we have with the kids to count. In order for that to happen we have to provide tools for parents to continue our Sunday morning conversations. Second rate is never an option and our team reflects Amy’s passion to share Christ with enthusiasm and compassion.
Gary Cardwell
Gary CardwellGrace Cafe Leader
Gary wants to feed you. It is that simple, actually it isn’t. He wants to have you feel so welcomed and comfortable that you can sit and stay for a long, long time. Gary is over the top organized and expects the best for whoever he has the blessing to serve. If the kitchen were as big as his heart there wouldn’t be a trace of hunger in North America. If you want to serve and do it with excellence, then you should connect with Gary. If not, you may want to stay away from that ministry except to eat.
Daniel Godfrey
Daniel GodfreyWorship Leader
Daniel is one remarkable musician, worship leader, husband, father and son. His only real down side is his love of futbal. Hey, nobody is perfect. Daniel has a passion for life that can be seen in his love for dressing up or playing songs for little kids. He also has a really weird mixture of financial nerd stuff to go along with his creative side. If you have a REAL question about God that you might not feel comfortable asking then this is a guy you need to hang out with.
Matt Ray
Matt RaySecurity Leader
Most guys seem to “marry up” Matt definitely falls under that category. He and Randi have been serving at Gracepoint from the beginning in both the Kidzpoint area and the security team. Matt leads up our amazing security staff that not only keeps us safe but seeks to find ways to share with anyone who might come to GP while going through a difficult stretch.
Skip Scherz
Skip ScherzHomeless Ministry Leader
Always smiling and passionate about the things that really matter. Skip has a huge heart and has the ability to make a penny stretch across three counties. His wife Barb works in Kidzpoint and they are know for their smile and their Joy in Christ.
Michael Markovich
Michael MarkovichMedia Leader
As a member of Sock Monkey Improv group, Mike knows very well that improvising works best when you know who you are and where you are going and that life can be brutal but love always wins. The willingness to see the pain and share the hope always shines through when Mike is leading a group or sharing his thoughts. As the lead person in our media, Mike is always asking what is the “win” for that particular piece and how does it fit with the overall direction.
Alana Adams
Alana AdamsYouth Ministry Leader
There is only one person on the plant who is more accident prone than Pastor Mike, that person is Alana! Maybe it is that understanding of how fragile life is that drives her to be such a compassionate and fun person. She loves the students at GP and it shows in her willingness to always be there and her desire to help them navigate a pivotal stage of their lives. Christ’s love “oozes” from Alana.
Brad Cardwell
Brad CardwellProduction and Sound
Let’s play a game called true or false. When Brad was a younger man he did some modeling, was in an issue of GQ and posed in a loin cloth once. Yep, TRUE! Lucky for us the modeling thing wasn’t his passion and one of his interests is production and sound. Brad knows the ins and outs of what makes our experience tick and brings it to life. And yes, I am sure he could help you strike a pose too.